The first new TB vaccine for 80 years has started to be given to infants in the next stage of trials, according to Oxford University researchers.The experimental vaccine MVA85A is to be given to nearly 2,784 infants in South Africa to test its effectiveness. Oxford University researcher Dr Helen McShane said: "This trial will hopefully show that the vaccine can protect people from getting TB." The first stage of the trials in 2007 proved that the jab was safe. TB kills more than two million people worldwide each year. If the latest tests are successful the researchers hope the vaccine will be available by 2016. The new drug would be given alongside the current BCG vaccine. It works by stimulating immune system cells called T-cells to produce a stronger response to the BCG jab.This article is from the BBC News website. © British Broadcasting Corporation, The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.

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